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Welcome, Dear Guests


If you are looking for a unique place for an exceptional family gathering or a hall for a business meeting, if you need an excursion base or if you want to find an intimal relax – we would like to invite you to the 19th century beautiful palace – park complex in Kobylin, located not more than 50 km away from the centre of Warsaw and Radom, and barely 2 km away from Grojec.

Amazing values of the place not only help you enjoy the beautiful surroundings but they are also a great opportunity to taste the delicious Polish and international cuisine. Apart from these attractions, we obviously have much more to offer – we will gladly adjust to your needs and wishes.




At your disposal we give:

•    Modern Conference Centre
•    Stylish banquette halls
•    Quiet hotel



We organise:

•    Conferences
•    Trainings
•    Business banquettes
•    Family Gatherings and Occasional Receptions





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